Important Infomation regarding Sunrise Rally

Change to Sunrise Rally Award Requirements     Maximum Mileage 165     &   Visit minimum 7 Controls

Stevenage Final Control

Once again we have a final control at Stevenage at once again it will be hosted by Bike Stop. Over the last year Bike Stop have invested heavily in there facilities and now have a brand new Cafe ready to serve visitors with Lavazza coffee, paninis, sandwiches and cakes as well as cooked breakfasts for those that are planning on using Stevenage as a final control. You can find out more about Bike Stop at  

2017 Website is Live!

The 2017 National Road Rally website is now live, the 2017 National Road Rally will take place on the first weekend of July in 2017. Entries for the 2017 rally will open on-line in early January so remeber to chack back in the new year to get your entry in.

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