2020 National Road Rally Update

After having to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 National Road Rally, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the National Road Rally committee have been working hard to try and devise a way in which a rally could be held in 2020 which complies with the current Government legislation, ACU guidance and ensured the safety of riders and organisers alike. 

With the Government declaring that the peak of the pandemic has now passed in England and with the easing of the lockdown restrictions, the NRR organisers have held discussions with the ACU and now feel that there is scope for organising and running a daytime only rally in September. 

While the government proposed road map for easing the lockdown could potentially see many of the current restrictions being lifted by September, the organisers feel that it is best to provide an event that would meet the current government legislation but to routinely review what restriction could be lifted as the lockdown is eased.

While we remain hopeful, the organisers are also aware that the situation could worsen, and restrictions could be tightened. Because of this, the organisers are keen to ensure they can react to any changes quickly and to minimise the risk of incurring costs that could put the rally at risk for future years. 

With all of this in mind, the organisers are planning for an event that uses entirely unmanned controls and which would be administrated 100% online. The proposed event would require entrant to download the matrix and other associated documentation from the website, using a unique code that would be provided after entering. On the day of the event, riders would have a 1 hour window to start which would hopefully help better enable social distancing at the start of the event. Riders would then proceed around their chosen route, collecting unique codes which would be displayed on signs at each of the controls. Sadly, at this time it would not be possible to allow manned controls as it would not be possible guarantee the safety of the riders and organisers.

Having collected all of the codes from the controls that had been visited, riders would then have a week to enter the codes onto the National Road Rally website in order to claim their award.

Anybody who had already entered the 2020 National Road Rally will be given the option of transferring their entry into the new event or to receive a full refund. 

All of these proposals are subject to change but keep an eye on Social Media and the National Road Rally website as we will update them with more information over the coming weeks.

ACU - Bikesport GB