2019 Amendments

Any amendments to the final instructions and control information sheets will be published in the section below. Please be sure to check for any changes or updates prior to the 2019 National Road Rally.

Lincoln Control

In addition to the four controls listed in section 2b of the regulations, Lincoln Control will now become an Unmanned Control from Saturday 10:00pm. As with the other four controls that become Unmanned at 10:00pm, competitors will still be required to visit the control in order to record a 6 digit code that will on display, in place of a stamp, on their control card.

2b. Start Only & Unmanned Controls.

All Start Only Controls will be open on Saturday 6th July from 12 midday until 12.20pm. For those doing the Full Rally or the Moonlight Rally the following controls will be unmanned from 10.00pm, Barnsley, Coleshill, Congleton and Reading. There will however be a Control Sign at the Control with a six digit No on it. Please record this No and the points, then proceed to the next control. The next manned Control will note your Control Card accordingly. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is done. Riders cannot start or finish at Unmanned Controls. Please refer to your Control Details List for information.

Control Information

Kegworth Closing time is Sunday 4:48am

St Neots Closing time is Sunday 7:00am

Horncastle Closing time is Saturday 10:00pm

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