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Running a control

If you don't want to enter the rally but you still want to be involved, then you could help run a control. The most important requirement is to find a location that will fit in with the matrix, ideally the location needs to be approximately 25 points(miles) from two other controls. This is because riders generally need to visit controls that have a least one 25 point link. Generally the area in which the control is required will have been specified by the organisers but if you have somewhere in mind please contact the organisers and they will try and accommodate your suggestion. Having established this then the facilities at controls vary from air conditioned showrooms with television, comfortable chairs, etc and a team of volunteers doing shifts down to a single individual with a motorcar in a lay-by with just a table and torch for lighting, obviously the better the facilities and the more volunteers the better and the easier it is and ideally toilets, catering and fuel nearby are useful but not essential The organisers will provide you with control signs to put up on the approach roads, signing on sheets etc, and you will be fully covered by the ACU insurance. The organisers inform the Police Authority for the area that the event is taking place. Please contact us if you are interested and a member of the organising committee will contact you to discuss it.

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