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What is the National Road Rally?

The National Road Rally is a navigational scatter rally organised in conjunction with the ACU and the BMF and the idea is that you ride your motorcycle around some of the best roads in England, visiting as many different check points or controls as possible. The National Road Rally takes place each year, normally on the first weekend in July. Riders can choose to take part in the Full Rally, the Daytime Rally or the Moonlight Rally. The Full Rally starts at midday on the Saturday and finishes 20 hours later at 8am on the Sunday morning, the Daytime starts at midday on Saturday and finishes 10pm on Saturday evening and the Moonlight starts at 10pm Saturday and finishes 8am Sunday morning. There are normally more than 60 controls to choose from with the number of controls each rider visits depending on the award they are trying to achieve but can be anywhere from 5 to over 20. To find out more about the National Road Rally Click Here to go to the About page

2021 National Road Rally

Like the oil dripping from an old British motorcycle, it'll take a lot to stop the National Road Rally from running. Now that the government has published the road map to lifting COVID restrictions, the National Road Rally committee are able to set a date for the 2021 National Road Rally, as long as the milestones continue to be met and the published road map is realised, the 2021 National Road Rally will take place on the weekend of July 3rd & 4th. The event will be run over two days with a break overnight and entries will open 1st May 2021.

The Matrix

The Matrix is the name given to the map showing the approximate location of all the controls. The Matrix is set out to riders a few weeks before the Rally, after entries have closed. Along with the Control Details, which are issued at the same time, riders use the Matrix to plan their route on the day of the Rally. In addition to the approximate location of each Control, the Matrix shows riders which controls are linked to each other and how many points are awarded for travelling between controls. The Controls Details sheet that is issued with the Matrix gives riders more information about how to find each control as well as what facilities are available at the control and what time it closes. To find out more about the Matrix and how to use it Click Here to go to the Route Planning page

How do I Enter?

Entries for the National Road Rally normally open on the 1st January each year and close two weeks before the Rally, however, with the current COVID-19 restrictions in place across England, entries will not open until we are confident that it will be possible to run an event. If an event is able to be organised and run, then entries will open at least four weeks before the event. There are two ways that you can enter, either by post or online and anybody with a full motorcycle license and a motorcycle can enter the National Road Rally. To find out more about entering and to enter online Click Here to go to the Entries page.

Why not run a control?

You don't have to be a rider to get involved in the Rally, with more than 60 controls on the matrix there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. By manning a control you get to meet dozens of riders when they visit your control. If you'd like to find out more about what is involved in manning a control or you'd like to volunteer to man a control Click Here.

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