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After more than 30 years as a volunteer, Tim Fairbrother has decided to step down from the National Road Rally committee and his role as Clerk of the Course. Timís first involvement with the National Road Rally was when he was brought in as a Steward by the ACU. Then Clerk of the Course, Frank Carter took the opportunity to make Tim a permanent member of the committee by appointing him Assistant Clerk of the Course. As Assistant Clerk of the Course, Tim was responsible for introducing and organising the Special Test at the MIRA test facility near Nuneaton and the Platinum Award category. Tim later became Clerk of the Course when Frank Carter retired from the role and has continued in this role until now. During the Covid pandemic, it was Timís initiative that kept the Rally going, introducing the idea of control codes that enabled the event to go ahead while all other events were being cancelled. For the last 3 years, Tim has also been the Clerk of the Course for the Welsh National Road Rally and the Scottish National Road Rally enabling both events to continue after their respective organisers were unable to continue. Tim, as well as his son Chris will be stepping down after the completion of the 2024 Scottish National Road Rally.

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